1457/2457—Community Service

Through helping others, Community Service offers students an opportunity to better understand themselves and to make a connection to our human existence.  It is a course designed to broaden one’s understanding of compassion, responsibility, and to building a sense of self-efficacy. This course will develop the mind-set and skills involved in serving others. Through readings, discussions, reflections, written assignments, lectures, volunteering, and ultimately first-hand observation and interaction, students in the Franklin High School Community Service course will gain the skills of problem-solving, inter-personal relations, communication, and the ability to function as part of a larger team. Students will be witness to and learn from the social and emotional growth of cognitively impaired students in the Franklin Transition Program (FTP). An experience in Community Service has inspired many toward a life-long commitment of service to others.

The Community Service Class can be taken as a one-hour class, or as a two-hour block class (1458/2458). This class is open to all junior and senior level students.

1827/2827—Student Leadership

Leadership is a class designed to develop the leadership skills of each student. The course is open to students involved in school leadership.  Students will learn about leadership traits and principles and each student will evaluate their own personal leadership style with the idea in mind that leadership is a learned skill.  Students will learn how to conduct a meeting, organize and direct a committee, motivate and create synergy, and other aspects of leadership. Students will also learn about goal setting, appropriate communication skills, and conflict resolution. Finally students will have the opportunity to explore how to use their leadership skills outside of the classroom. This class is open to all students with the permission of the Student Activities Director.


1854—Freshman Transition

Prerequisites: 9th Grade Student

This class is suggested for all freshmen and is offered during the first semester. The course is intended to assist students in making a smooth and successful transition to the high school environment with emphasis on addressing the academic, social, and emotional needs of freshmen.