In addition to other courses in high school, the special education courses listed are available to eligible special education students with the approval of the student’s counselor, special education teacher and parent. Instruction in these areas will be directed to the development of skills and knowledge relative to the potential and capability of the student with a disability.

 The following lists brief descriptions of courses available to special education students. In selected cases, Independent Study courses may be approved for scheduling within a single high school based on unique program/student needs. All courses successfully completed provide 1/2 unit of credit toward graduation requirements unless otherwise indicated. Courses in which the developmental curriculum is highly individualized may be repeated for additional credit.

 1211/2211—Biology B

Prerequisites:  Placement based on special education teacher’s recommendation, reading scores, and final 8th grade science grade. Placement must be approved by FHS Special Education Department chair.

Biology B is an adaptive two-semester course. Students will focus on the fundamental biological knowledge needed to become science literate. This is done through a variety of teaching methods, labs, group and individual activities, discussions and cooperative learning. Assessment of students will be done through class participation, group projects, individual projects, labs, homework, quizzes and tests. The focus on this course will be on biological core and essential concepts of: Inquiry, Reflection, and Social Implications; Organization and Development of Living Systems; Interdependence of Living Systems and the Environment; Genetics; and Evolution and Biodiversity.

1212/2212—Geometry B

Prerequisites:  Placement based on special education teacher’s recommendation, math scores and final grade in 8th grade mathematics. Placement must be approved by FHS Special Education Department chair.

This course covers the topics of geometry at a basic level. Algebraic concepts are applied and expanded through the course.

1219/2219—Algebra 1B

Prerequisites:  Successful completion of Geometry B, or Math or Special Education Department chairperson approval.

This course provides for the study of the real number system and families of functions including linear, exponential, and quadratic at a basic level. Students will also begin to develop their knowledge of power and polynomial patterns of change. Students will develop and understanding that algebraic thinking is a powerful tool that can be used to model and solve real-world problems. Students who take this course must enroll in Intermediate Algebra B as a junior and then Algebra 2B as a senior in order to receive credit for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

1242/2242—Study Skills

Prerequisites: Recommended by the Special Education Department/ninth grade class.

This course will develop skills in study procedures and strategies: organizing time and materials, note taking and test taking. Lessons will be developed utilizing actual assignments from other classes.

1247/2247—Special Ed. Directed Study

Prerequisites: Recommended by the Special Education Department.

This course is for students that need one to one or small group instruction/assistance with study skills habits and personal adjustment skills to foster greater independence throughout the school day.