Clubs and Activity List  2014-2015 School Year
Student Activities Director
Jennifer Esparza

updated 8/25/14 


Service Organizations

Name: Early Literacy Volunteers (ELVs)

Sponsor: Mrs. Cosgrove

Description:  ELV’s are students who are trained to work with elementary students to help the young students improve reading skills. Training happens in May for the summer, and in October for the school year.

Name: InterAct Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Wheeler

Description:  Interact is a club for youth ages 12-18 who want to connect with others in their community or school. Interact club members have fun while carrying out service projects and learning about the world. Interact clubs organize at least two service projects a year: one that benefits their community and one that encourages international understanding. While Interact clubs receive guidance from individual Rotary clubs, they govern and support themselves.

National Art Honor Society (NAHS)

Sponsor: Mr. Hicks

Description:  The members and “Invitees” of NAHS meet and organize art events and activities. The induction ceremony is in April of each year. The members have made it a “club” by meeting weekly throughout the school year.

Name:  National Honor Society (NHS)

Sponsor: Mrs. McQuade

Description:  This is a highly esteemed group of students who maintain a 3.5 GPA and complete 30+ hours of community service each month. They help tutor and counsel younger students to help them excel in high school.

Name: Patriots Relate

Sponsor: Mr. Ferrell
                Mrs. Esparza

Description:  Patriots Relate is a mentoring program for the incoming freshman class all the way through that school year.  Mentors must apply, interview, and then be selected based on several criteria

Name: Students Leading Students (SLS)

Sponsor:  Ms. Wilson

Description: This student-run program advocates sobriety on the roads, student safety and healthy choices. The group participates in different demonstrations to show the effects of drinking and driving. Working in conjunction with community service and education organizations, SLS activity supports and enhances the network of healthy teen decision making, both locally and nationally. All are welcome.

Literary Publications

Name: Impressions

Sponsor: Mr. Holman

Description:  This is a collection of student literary works that is created at the end of the year. Published works include short stories, poems, essays and other English creations. See Mrs. Webster for more details.

Name: The Almanac

Sponsor: Mrs. Korican

Description: This is the Franklin High School annual yearbook publication. A class is open to students who wish to become involved in yearbook editing. The class involves picture taking and editing, story writing and organizational skills.

Performing Arts

Name: Franklin Players

Sponsor: Colleen Meyer

Description:  The Franklin Players are a completely student acting troupe that perform a play in the fall, and a musical production in the spring. This group is open to all students with a drive to be in the spotlight.

Name: Franklin Contemporary Dance Company (FCDC)

Sponsor: Mrs. Murphy

Description: FCDC is a premiere performance ensemble dedicated to the art and love of dance.  We focus on high level dance technique and choreography in lyrical, modern, jazz and musical theatre dance styles.  There are performance, competition and choreography opportunities.  We also work with children and dance in elementary schools.  For applications see Mrs. Murphy in room 116.

Student Governments

Name: Senior Class Council 

Sponsor: Mrs. Esparza

Description:  This is the leadership organization for the senior class. The group has elected officers as well as other participants. The group works on fundraising, community service and social activities.

Name: Junior Class Council 

Sponsor: Mrs. Cosgrove

Description:  This is the leadership organization for the junior class. The group has elected officers as well as other participants. The group works on fundraising, community service and social activities.

Name: Sophomore Class Council 

Sponsor: Mrs. Shaw

Description:  This is the leadership organization for the sophomore class. The group has elected officers as well as other participants. The group does fundraising, community service and social activities.

Name: Freshmen Class Council 

Sponsor: Mr. Ferrell

Description:  This is the leadership organization for the freshmen class. The group has elected officers as well as other participants. The group does fundraising, community service and Homecoming/Coming Home activities.

Name: Student Congress 

Sponsor: Mrs. Esparza

Description:  This is the leadership organization for the entire student body of Franklin. Each year there are elections for officer positions. This group is the main activities group that helps with charity, fundraising, and other community outreach programs. The group helps to set up for school functions such as dances, meetings, and conferences. They have a monthly meeting for all representatives involved.

General Clubs

Name: Chess Club
Sponsor: Mr. Mills
Description: The chess club promotes the game of chess through friendly match play and fundamentals of the game. The club is open to anyone with interest. We play games, study strategy and enjoy the game.


Name: Media Arts Club

Sponsor: Mr. Newitt

Description: This club meets after school on Mondays from 2:30 until 3:30. We share the writing and offer each other suggestions and grammar help.  We provide prompts as suggestions for what to write next and explore new ideas through our writing.

Name: Culinary Arts Club 
Sponsor: Mr. Lehmann

Description: Learn techniques to help run a successful meeting in the field of culinary arts. We attend Skills USA competitions for Culinary Arts, Food and Beverage Service and Customer service training.

Name: Debate Team

Sponsor: Mrs. Hardy

Description: The debate team meets after school to learn and practice legislative debate techniques. We compete in the Wayne Oakland Debate League four times during first semester in both novice and varsity divisions.

Name: DECA (Distributive Educational Club of America)

Sponsor: Mrs. Roberts

Description: Co-curricular organization of Marketing Students. Participate in competitions and some community service projects.

Name: Ski Club

Sponsor: Ms. Walker

Description: Coming Soon!!!

Name: Japanese Literature Club (Otaku Club)
Sponsor: Mrs. Berry
Description: This is a club open to lovers of Manga and the culture of Japanese literature. Meetings are after school in room 215 on Fridays at 2:30.

Name: LIFT (Living In Faith Together)

Sponsor: Mrs. Berry

Description: To unite students who share a Christian faith through discussions, experiences, the Bible, and other methods. Provides a secure environment for students to pray for each other, the school, the community.

Name: Inquire Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Webber

The Inquire Club is meant for students who want to gain the most out of their high school experience while learning about a wide variety of subjects that might stretch outside of what is offered to them in school. Each month the students focus on a different field, ranging from astrophysics to film making to zoology. After they are done learning about the field and its applications in the real world, they will work together on a project relating to what they learned. The goal is to build a community of thinkers at Franklin High School who want to go out and both answer difficult questions while posing new ones we don't have answers to by learning more about the world around them.


Name: Diversity Club

Sponsor: Mr. Holman

Description: The diversity club was created to give students the chance to experience different cultures, religions, places, food, people that this world has to offer.  The goal is to bridge communication among people of varying backgrounds.

Name: Robotics- Livonia Warriors

Sponsor: Mrs. Carlini

Description:  Meets at Stevenson HS. Makes a robot to compete against other robots in a competition. Meets all year long. Busy season is winter. Mrs. Isolina Carlini is the sponsor but Mrs. Rosner is the liaison here at Franklin HS. Mrs. Rosner is the contact for students at Franklin. Students from all 3 high schools are in this club.