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Student Data 
The following modules will be available to parents. Elementary students will have some modules, and as the student progresses through the grades, more modules will become available, as the data is available. 
• School News – All Students 
Important items and events that are occurring at 
the school or a link to the schools’ website. 

• Demographics – All Students 
Student information, such as name, address, 
telephone number, birth date, school counselor, 
etc. Please notify your student’s school if any of 
the information is inaccurate. 

• Contacts – All Students 
Contact information that has been provided on the 
emergency card. Please notify the school if any 
of the information is inaccurate. 

• Schedule – Middle and High School Students 
The student’s daily schedule for the current term 
only. This module will become unavailable at 
times throughout the year while scheduling is 
being finalized. 

• Attendance – All Students 
Your student’s attendance for the current school 
year. If you have any questions about the 
attendance, please contact the classroom 

• Assignments – Middle and High School 
Students Classroom assignments and the scores. Please 
allow the teacher time to score assignments, as 
some projects take longer than others for the 
teacher to grade. Teachers are committed to 
entering the scores as quickly as possible. 

• Marks – Middle and High School Students 
Progress report and record card marks for the 
selected student for the current school year. The 
information may be viewed by term or by period. 

• Standards – Elementary and Upper 
Elementary Students 
The report card for elementary and upper 
elementary students. 

• Transcript –Middle and High School Students 
Shows the complete history of grades and credits 
earned at middle or high schools for your student.
• GPA – High School Students 
The grade point average for the selected student. 

• Grad Rqmnts – High School Students 
Graduation requirement status showing the 
number of credits the student has received and 
the number needed for graduation. 

• Health – All Students 
Health information for the selected student, such 
as allergies, etc. 

• Cafeteria – All Students 
Allows parents to place deposits into their 
students’ accounts using PayPal. Displays the 
student’s account, the balance in the account and 
the types of items purchased.