Welcome to the thrill and energy of learning at Franklin High School.  The high school years are a period of tremendous growth and we are anxious to expand the knowledge base and to develop the analytical thinking and problem-solving skills of our students.  We will encourage students to climb the mountain of knowledge, to grow their dendrites, and to stretch their minds!  We want to develop their natural curiosity and to wonder how everything fits together.  We want student to ask “Why?” and “What if…?”  We will expect them to discover their best effort, to start planning for college and career level work, and to understand that learning is a lifelong journey.

Franklin High School has earned a reputation for academic challenge and personal warmth.  We believe that students are more than numbers and that our work is to connect their energy with our inspiration so that each one of them is successful in school.  The high school years often feel like a roller coaster ride, but we are all on the ride together and we are ready and quite enjoy, the dips, twists, and turns that shape and mold our students.  Inevitably, with our parent partnership of patience and persistence, our ninth graders turn into twelfth graders who are ready to move on as responsible young adults.

Franklin High School is committed to teaching the whole child and we recognize that students have pursuits other than the academic.  We offer many wonderful opportunities for student growth through our extensive co-curricular offerings.  Whether it be through music, art, student government, theater, or athletics, our programs allow students to learn individual skills, showcase their talents, and to develop leadership and character.  Our co-curricular programs are a source of strength and pride for our school community.

Again, welcome to the people, the programs, the spirit, and the learning that combine to make Franklin High School such a special place.  I look forward meeting you and to include your family in the ranks of the Patriots! 


Daniel R. Willenborg