Varsity Letter and Jackets


Athletics-Franklin Varisty Letters and Jackets

Livonia Public Schools 
Varsity Letter and Varsity Jacket Regulations
  • For meeting the minimum requirements established for the varsity athletic teams, one award in the form of a (red trimmed in navy and white) six (6) inch block "F" will be given. This letter award may be worn only on the athlete's jacket described below. This award remains the property of Franklin High School and may be recalled by the principal or athletic director at any time prior to graduation.
  • Our basic Varsity Letter Jacket has navy body, snaps, navy leather sleeves with cuffs, stand-up collar, and waistband. The cuffs, collar, and waistband are navy with two red stripes.
  • The Jacket may have the following word(s) stitched on the back in red or red with a white border: Livonia Franklin or Franklin Varsity.
  • The athlete can choose to have: 
    a. A varsity letter put on the upper left chest
    b. His/Her name stitched in red on the upper right chest. (No Nicknames)
    c. The year he/she will graduate on the top of the left sleeve.
    d. A two-inch captain's star (red on navy on white) on the opposite sleeve.
  • Only one 6 inch block "F" is awarded to a FranklinVarsity Athlete. For each year the participant wins a letter in a sport, he/she will be entitled to wear a gold bar or chevron on the letter.
  • Sport pins, which indicate the sport of the letter winner, may be attached to the letter on the jacket. Letter certificates are issued by the Athletic Department to the athletes who letter more than once in a particular sport or in a number of different sports.
  • When a conference, division, or other championship is earned, the letter winner is entitled to wear a "Champs" or "Co-Champs" or "State Champs" patch. This patch, purchased by the letter winner from the athletic director, may be worn on the right chest of the jacket below the athlete's name or on the back beneath "Livonia Franklin " or "Franklin Varsity."
  • All conference or All division athletes who win medals while competing as a Franklin athlete may attach such medals to the letter on his/her jacket.
  • No person other than a Franklin athlete who has earned a letter is allowed to wear the jacket which has been won by a Franklin athlete.
  • Do not put anything else on the jacket.