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Franklin Activities

Director of Student Activities

Jen Esparza / / Room 516


FHS 2022-2023 Co-Curricular Organizations

Service Organizations

Name: InterAct Club

Sponsor: Ms. Reiff / 

                 Ms. Kroll / 

Description:  Interact is a club for youth ages 12-18 who want to connect with others in their community or school. Interact club members have fun while carrying out service projects and learning about the world. Interact clubs organize at least two service projects a year: one that benefits their community and one that encourages international understanding. While Interact clubs receive guidance from individual Rotary clubs, they govern and support themselves.

Name: National Art Honor Society (NAHS)

Sponsor: Mr. Masters /

Description:  The members and “Invitees” of NAHS meet and organize art events and activities. The induction ceremony is in April of each year. The members have made it a “club” by meeting weekly throughout the school year.

Name:  National Honor Society (NHS)

Sponsor: Ms. Young / 

Description:  This is a highly esteemed group of students who maintain a 3.5 GPA and complete 30+ hours of community service each year. They help tutor and counsel younger students to help them excel in high school.

Name: Patriots Relate

Sponsor:   Ms. Lanzon /  

                   Ms. Hoch / 

Description:  Patriots Relate is a mentoring program for the incoming freshman class all the way through that school year.  Mentors must apply, interview, and then be selected based on several criteria.

Name:  Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Sponsor: Mrs. Wywrot /

Description: Spanish National Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica) is an academic honor society focused on Spanish language excellence in secondary education and promotes a continuity of interest in Spanish studies. Its motto is "¡Todos a una!" ("All Together for One Goal") 

Literary Publications

Name: The Almanac

Sponsor: Mrs. Rea /

Description: This is the Franklin High School annual yearbook publication. A class is open to students who wish to become involved in yearbook editing. The class involves picture taking and editing, story writing and organizational skills.

Performing Arts

Name: Franklin Players

Sponsor: Colleen Meyer /  

Description:  The Franklin Players are a completely student acting troupe that perform a play in the fall, and a musical production in the spring. This group is open to all students with a drive to be in the spotlight.

Name: International Thespian Society (Drama Club)

Sponsor: Mrs. Rea /

Description:  ITS is an honorary organization for students who are passionate about and interested in theatre and the performing arts.  The induction ceremony is in October of each year.  The members meet once a month. 

Name: Talent Show

Sponsor: Mrs. Rea /

Description:  Annual show where Franklin students show off their talents.

Athletic Club 

Name: Livonia United Girls Hockey Club

Coach: Ms. Martinez /

Description: Girls High School Hockey Club.  Team is a member of the Michigan Metro Girls High School Hockey League and plays their home games at Eddie Edgar & Devonaire in Livonia.

Student Governments

Name: Senior Class Council

Sponsor: Mrs. Esparza / 

Description:  This is the leadership organization for the senior class. The group has elected officers as well as other participants. The group works on fundraising, community service and social activities.

Name: Junior Class Council

Sponsor: Ms. Hamrick / 

Description:  This is the leadership organization for the junior class. The group has elected officers as well as other participants. The group works on fundraising, community service and social activities.

Name: Sophomore Class Council

Sponsor: Ms. Lanzon /  

Description:  This is the leadership organization for the sophomore class. The group has elected officers as well as other participants. The group does fundraising, community service and social activities.

Name: Freshmen Class Council

Sponsor: Mrs. Ammar /  

Description:  This is the leadership organization for the freshmen class. The group has elected officers as well as other participants. The group does fundraising, community service and Homecoming/Coming Home activities.

Name: Student Congress

Sponsor: Mrs. Esparza /

Description:  This is the leadership organization for the entire student body of Franklin. Each year there are elections for officer positions. This group is the main activities group that helps with charity, fundraising, and other community outreach programs. The group helps to set up for school functions such as dances, meetings, and conferences. They have a monthly meeting for all representatives involved. 

General Clubs

Name: Board Game Club

Sponsor: Ms. Young /  

Description: We meet Monday's from 2:00-3:00 in room 509 and play a wide selection of board games. Ms.Young and sometimes Ms. Reiff will challenge the students to a game.  

Name: Diversity Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Smith/

Description: The Diversity Club is a group designed to acknowledge awareness and promote acceptance of our cultural differences. They focus on promoting awareness and acceptance by coordinating cultural celebrations, awareness campaigns, and discussions about diversity.

Name: DECA (Distributive Educational Club of America)

Sponsor: Mrs. Roberts / 

Description: This is a co-curricular organization of Marketing students. Students participate in competitions and some community service projects.

Name: Grilled Cheese Club

Sponsor: Ms. Young / 

Description: The purpose of the Grilled Cheese Club is to explore the wonderful world of the world's greatest sandwich.  This club brings in areas from various subjects of learning. For instance, math, what is the correct proportion of cheese to bread?  Part science experiment, is mayo or butter better to use when grilling the bread? Which type of cheese provides that exceptional gooeyness? Last but never least, history, how was the world's greatest sandwich first invented and how can we improve on this achievement made by our ancestors.  All of this and more will be examined by the Grilled Cheese Club. 

Name: GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

Sponsor: Mrs. Goslow /

Description: Gay Straight Alliance Network is a youth leadership organization that connects school-based GSA’s to each other and community resources through peer support, leadership development, and training. The GSA Network supports young people in starting, strengthening, and sustaining GSA’s and builds the capacity of GSA’s to:

  1.       Create safe environments in schools for students to support each other and learn about homophobia and other oppressions.
  2.       Educate the school community about homophobia, gender identity, and sexual orientation.
  3.       Fight Discrimination, harassment, and violence in school.

Name: Guitar Club

Sponsor: Mr. O'Leary / 

Description: Any guitarist from beginner to more advanced players will learn how to hold a guitar properly and learn the basics of chord/music theory.  We will help you grow as a musician in whatever area you have an interest in.  Together we create songs to show all players that it is easy to create music and how fun it can be. 

Name: Quiz Bowl

Sponsor: Mr. Reina / 

Description: Quiz bowl is a KLAA academic team. The team will put their trivia knowledge against other schools in the KLAA. Students will practice 1 day a week and there will be a competition after school each month from October to March. The last competition will be an all area tournament, where the top teams will earn trophies. 

Name: Robotics- Livonia Warriors

Sponsor: Mrs. Carlini /

Description:  The Livonia Warriors High School Robotics Program consists of two high school teams. Each of these teams is made up of students from Churchill, Franklin, and Stevenson. "The Tyros Team" is an all-9th-grade team of students learning the fundamentals of FIRST Robotics, building a competition robot and taking it to competitions. The "Livonia Warriors" is our veteran team comprising of all other grades. They are an advanced team, building a highly competitive robot and submitting for consideration for advanced awards. The Livonia Warriors have participated in both State and World Championships over the past decade. 

Name:  Unified Champion School Club


Description:  The Unified Champion School Club promotes inclusion and kindness throughout Franklin.  

Name:  Written in The Stars

Sponsor: Ms. Lanzon /                                        

Description:  Written in The Stars is a self-care club in which we talk about topics such as astrology, crystals, yoga, and essential oils.  The club is guided by student interest and participation.  We meet monthly on Wednesdays to explore a variety of wellness topics.  Students can come to one meeting or all.